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The Institute is a voluntary organisation which seeks to promote planning as a discipline and the interests of the planning profession. It is made up of planners from all regions of South Africa, and from all sectors of planning, including the Public Sector, NGO's and CBO's, Private Consultants and Academics. It provides the profession with profile, identity and a voice, and it functions as a forum for all people in planning to debate critical issues affecting planning and development. As a member of the Institute you will have access to the exclusive member's section which contains information about tenders, job opportunities, a library, updated information on planning and environmental legislation.


The greatest tribute that Planners can pay to former President, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, is to escalate the spatial transformation of our country.

Let us not forget that the struggle for freedom that Mandela fought for was essentially a struggle against forced removal, restriction of movement and segregated spatial planning. Planners operating under the apartheid system were responsible for designing and organizing our country into group areas. Every town and city in our country is racially segregated into White, Black, Colored and Indian areas separated by railway lines, roads or green buffer zones. Planners operating in the free dispensation that Mandela and his fellow generation of selfless leaders helped bring about have to deepen our commitment and dedication to the task of stitching together the spatial fabric of our towns, cities and rural areas.

Future, Change & Choices. Strategic planning methods for built environment professionals" (2nd ed) (2014)

This book will be of interest to anyone involved in built environment planning and development; to strategic planning theorists and practitioners in any field; and to urban historians and geographers who wish to understand the processes that drive the development of towns and cities. It has been structures in the format of a text book for students and a handbook for practitioners, or a training manual.


The Research and Policy Branch of the Development Planning and Environmental Management Unit of the eThekwini Municipality has commissioned a study to investigate the impact of, in particular, Part XA of the National Building Regulations, relating to energy in buildings, and planning legislation on the pace of development in the province, but focused on the eThekwini region.

Media Statement

The South African Planning Institute (SAPI) proudly announces the establishment of the SAPI-Professional Development Centre (PDC). It serves as a hub of professional development opportunities that is tailor-made to the needs of Planners. The new SAPI-PDC will lead to the development and presentation of more workshops and courses on a more regular basis and will contribute directly to the practical application of skills in the planning field. The purpose is further to give all Planners nationwide access to the same high quality and professional courses that is sure to unlock the hidden potential of greatness in every individual.

National Gazette 37009 of 08 November 2013 vol 581 - Draft Regulations for Comments

To provide for procedures and matters in respect of which regulations are required or permitted in terms of the Planning Profession Act, 36 of 2002 with specific regard to the Reservation of work exclusively for professional and technical planners.

The Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, Mr Gugile Ernest Nkwinti, has published the Draft Regulations in terms of the Planning Profession Act, 2002. A copy of the publication is attached.

Written comments should be received on or before 16:00 on 29 November 2013 by the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, Private Bag X833, PRETORIA, 0001. Submissions should be addressed for the attention Mr. G. Benjamin, Tel (012) 312 9548, email:sacplanregs@ruraldevelopment.gov.za.

SAPI Members are also invited to submit their comments or input to info@sapi.org.za. All comments submitted to SAPI will be forwarded to the department. It is also requested that the SACPLAN be cc'ed at planner@sacplan.co.za.

It is requested that you submit comments even if you are in agreement with the published draft regulations

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“SAPI is your organisation and enables you to:

  • Promote yourself as a member of a leading planning body and utilise the MSAPI (Member of SAPI) badge;
  • Be part of a knowledge sharing network by receiving key information via website and e-mail updates;
  • Receive a discount equivalent to your annual SAPI membership fees for the premier planning event in the South African calendar (Planning Africa conferences);

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Purpose & Aim

The purpose and aim of the South African Planning Institute (SAPI) is to enhance the art and science of sustainable local, regional and national human and physical development planning, and the theory and practise relating thereto:


  • to promote the profession of planning in South Africa;
  • to promote a high level of professionalism and ethical conduct in the broad interests


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